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Data Destruction

Data security is extremely important. We don’t ask you to use our data deletion tool before we accept your device, that’s our job. But we do ask that you back up your data, remove all your accounts and factory reset your device before sending it in to us.

All mobile devices we receive go through ourdiagnostic and data deletion tool, MobiONE. This is an industry leading data erasure tool that wipes all data from mobile devices to GDPR standards. We can even supply you with a data erasure certificate if you request one.

Recycling a laptop? That’s fine too. We use two of the best industry leading solutions in WipeDRIVE from White Canyon and RedkeyUSB tools means we can wipe any drive to military standards so all your data is 100% removed from the device. 

With Preloved Tech, your data is in safe hands!

Data Destruction Data Destruction
Why recycle with Preloved Tech?

It's never been more important to look at the ways we dispose of our electronic waste. Gone are the days of throwing any old product into a skip and sending it to a landfill, that simply is not an option anymore.

Our primary objectives when recycling technology products is to protect sensitive customer data and to reduce the levels of e-waste destined for landfill through our eco-friendly 'reuse' program.

Many technology products destined for disposal may still have reuse potential with some refurbishment. We evaluate each item that passes through our facility for reuse potential, then carry out any necessary refurbishment before giving them a second lease of life.

Our reuse program ensures that as many items are refurbished and reused instead of sitting in landfills. It's through the eco-friendly recycling process that allows us to offer market-leading values for your smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, games consoles and most types of IT equipment, money that can be used to purchase the latest gadget.

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More Reasons to Recycle with Preloved Tech
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    We offer fantastic market values for your tech

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    Free postage on all devices you send to us

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    No fees, no hidden charges

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    FREE data destruction to GDPR standards

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    Fantastic customer service

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